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Instagram currently has 1 billion (monthly active) users (since June 2018) and each and every one of them is (actively) ‘fighting’ for a spot in the feed of their followers. To do so, people are actively researching growth hacks to gain more exposure and faster growth on Instagram. If you look up the search volume on an exemplary query like “how to gain more exposure on Instagram”, you’ll see that this exact sentence has been entered in Google’s search box more than 76,300,000  times! By now, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that this is a VERY hot topic!


In order to get more exposure, Instagram users are actively looking out for hacks. Some will consult experienced Managers (like us), while others will revert to buying followers or likes for peanuts. The latter are (unknowingly) damaging their accounts because those followers or likes are coming from fake accounts that are not actively contributing to Instagram’s ecosphere. Furthermore these are created for a sole purpose to like thousands upon thousands pieces of content on a daily base, generating revenue for the owner.


Here at Cloud Socials, we are strongly against any form of fake engagement, however, we are aware that getting likes from valuable, active and contributing accounts can be very beneficial to any Instagram user. These type of likes are often referred to as “powerlikes”, and we’ll be explaining this growth hack in more detail underneath!


What are powerlikes?

By: Ryan Tribe

In short: powerlikes are a method of growth where you will receive a certain amount of likes from other Instagram accounts.


Now in order to clearly explain to you why these are different from the fake likes I mentioned earlier in this article, I need to take you back in internet history. Back to a concept (or website) that is known as Klout. Klout was (it’s recently acquired by Lithium and was stopped as an individual service) a tool that ranked users according to their Social Media Influence. Dubbed the Klout Score, each account would receive a numerical value between 0 and 100. The higher you’d rank, the higher your influence would be.


This concept helps to understand the difference between fake likes and powerlikes as a concept. If we would use Klout to explain the difference between the two, the accounts handing out fake likes would have a very low Klout Score (0-10), while Powerlikes would have a very high Klout Score (80-99).

The reasoning behind this is very simple. The accounts that hand out the Powerlikes are actively contributing to Instagram. They post content, they engage with their audience, they respond to comments… In short: they’re real team players (More info here)

Even though Klout is a thing of the past, Instagram uses similar methods to ‘rank’ accounts and this has an effect on the ‘power’ by which they hand out engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves…). On Instagram this ‘power’ is generally referred to as the trust score.

A post that received powerlikes

How does it work?


Powerlikes are actually very simple and straightforward. If you purchase Powerlikes (you could order our Powerlike service HERE ), generally speaking, your account would be added to a so called “network”.


This network exists out of tens to hundreds of accounts with a high ‘score’ (hence the term ‘power’) and a (relatively) high amount of followers and ideally, and above average engagement rate.


So after your account is added, the network will monitor your account for new posts. As soon as a new post is spotted, the accounts will start to like your content. Whether that will be an image, carousel post or a video, they will receive engagement from the Powerlike network.


Most powerlike providers will get likes to your content up to three times a day. So it’s important to post regularly if you want to get maximum benefit from it!


Why are they beneficial for your Instagram account?


If you read through the information above, I hope you have a clear understanding of what powerlikes are, and how they work. But maybe the most pressing question is this one, why does Instagram see this as beneficial?


One of the core concepts of Instagram is sharing your content with the world. However with an ever-expanding user base, and a changing algorithm, it’s no secret that your followers won’t see all your posts. As a matter of fact, recent surveys conducted by Instagram itself have shown that about 70% of your followers don’t see your content at all!


And those are your followers! People that actively chose to follow your account! If you’re not showing up in the feeds of your followers, your chances of hitting the explore page (and seeing real explosive growth!) are next to none.


The reason why powerlikes help with all of this (and are thus seen as beneficial by Instagram), is because receiving likes from accounts like these show to Instagram that your content is ‘worthy’ and high in quality.


Most findings have shown that when posting, your content is shown to 8-10% of your followers. Instagram then monitors their response on the content. If they then engage with your content (through a like or save for instance), Instagram will show your content to more of your followers. If they also engage, chances are Instagram will start showing your content in the top posts sections of the hashtags you used. They might even push your content to the explore page, opening the floodgates of (potential) growth.


In this scenario, Powerlikes really add value because of the fact that the initial engagement within those first hours is guaranteed. This indicates to Instagram that your content is well received and they’ll push it further along the algorithm and show it to more people.


What makes our powerlike service different?

Now, it’s important to say that most Powerlike providers will only provide likes. And although this is a valuable metric of engagement in the eyes of Instagram, there are more powerful engagements. Because it is so simple to hand out a like on Instagram (and continue scrolling afterward), they are valued the lowest.


Above the likes (in value), you have comments, shares and saves. All of these require additional ‘effort’ from the user and are thus seen as more valuable.


This is where our Powerlike services distinguish themselves for the rest. Traditionally, Powerlike service providers will only get you likes. But through our continuous testing, monitoring and research, we’ve seen that adding saves and shares to the mix really adds a LOT of value.


That’s why we are proud to say that our Powerlike services also add Saves and Shares to the mix. Bundle that with our low price point, and you’ll have the best offer in existence!

Is it safe?

To finish off, I would like to address an ongoing (and justified) concern, and that’s the matter of safety. Using Powerlikes doesn’t require access to your account’s details like username and password. As a Powerlike provider, we don’t need this kind of information. So there is no safety concern there.

Secondly, the accounts used in any Powerlike service have an above average ‘score’ in Instagram’s ranking system. So unlike fake accounts that are handing out thousands of likes without contributing to Instagram, all Powerlike accounts are active members of the community. This will not impact your reach, exposure or put your account at risk!

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