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Business Package

$279.00 / month

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Designed with businesses and individuals dedicated to fast, powerful Instagram growth in mind, the Business Package is our most powerful Management Service. With our largest focus on follower and engagement growth as well as hand-crafted scheduled posting you can sit back, relax and let us focus on your Instagram.


Fastest Targeted Follower Growth

Building a loyal follower base is an extremely important focus of our Instagram Management services.  We take your target demographic and interact with people who match it. Using this we work to grow your follower count of real people interested in your content!

Average monthly growth - 2,000+ new REAL followers.


High-Tier Powerlike Group

Every post you put up is powerliked. Instagram treats certain account's likes with higher priority than others, and when an account receives these powerlikes, they will give it preferential treatment when being placed in your followers feeds, ranking in hashtags, and being shown to users in the explore section. These accounts meet one or both the following criteria:

- High followers

- Interact with their community a lot, they are considered a "Team Player"

Average engagement boost of 3 - 5%

Total Powerlike's per post: 500-1000 (Scaled based on account size)

Karma Engagement

By interacting with your community correctly we are able to help you increase your reach to your followers.  Whenever you post, your post will not appear in all your follower's feed based on Instagram feed algorithm. By running these interactions we are able to help increase the total number of people who end up having your post shown to them.

Content Planning/Posting and Optimization

We know that knowing what, when, and how to post correctly are all daunting tasks.  We are here to help! We will work with you to create a unique plan for your content that will give you the best results possible. If you choose we will post your content and optimize it to the best it can be. You just provide the images and we take care of the rest! If not, Hashtags, Call To Actions, Story Posts and Pins are all analyzed and we will come up with an optimization plan for you.


Unique Account Plan

Every account, customer, and situation is different! We know that and work with you to build the best plan for your account, content, and growth.  You can be sure that our support team will always be here to help! On the Business Package, you will receive the highest priority troubleshooting and a very high account focus.